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Alcohol and Other Drug Intervention Services

We provide support services for UCF students who are experiencing social, psychological, and/or physical issues related to their alcohol or drug use. To learn more about the services, please click here.

Allergy Clinic

This service is available for students who have already begun taking allergy immunotherapy. Students must have received their first round of shots by their allergist before they can start receiving injections at our clinic. Forms must be filled out and submitted by the patient and their allergist.

Note: The clinic does not perform the initial allergy testing, nor does it administer the first round of injections. There is a $14 injection fee for one shot, and $17 injection fee for two or more shots.  You need to have your allergist complete an Allergy Packet prior to your first appointment with the Allergy Clinic. You will be required to remain at the Health Center 30 minutes after receiving your injections to make sure there are no adverse reactions.

Asthma Clinic

Asthma ClinicStudents who have asthma can schedule a free appointment with one of our pharmacists to learn proper management of their condition through correct use of their medication and equipment (i.e. peak flow meters). Classes are held weekly on Wednesdays in the Health Center Pharmacy. Call 407.823.3850 to reserve your spot in the next session.  

Chronic Condition Support

New patients with a chronic medical condition are advised to obtain a copy of their records or a clinical summary from their attending physician.

When classes begin, the patient should call 407.823.2701 to schedule an appointment with one of our Health Center providers for a 30 minute general consult. Bring the clinical summary or records and a current medication list for the initial appointment. This helps establish a relationship with our Primary Care Staff before illness or injury requires medical attention.

If you would prefer to be seen by a certain provider, please request to have your appointment scheduled with that provider.

Clinical Dietitian

Our Clinical Dietitian (located in the Health Center) is available to students who have obtained a referral from their health care provider. If a student obtains this referral, they may schedule a one-on-one consultation with the Clinical Dietitian, who can help them with: weight management, eating disorders and body dysmorphia, hypertension and pre-hypertension, anemia, diabetes, and digestive disorders. There is a $10 fee per visit.

College of Medicine

Health Services offers a satellite clinic available to the College of Medicine students at Lake Nona. The clinic is staff by a Registered Nurse Practitioner and services include treatment and prescriptions for common illnesses and infections, vaccinations, simple lab tests, monitoring of chronic conditions, assistance with sleep issues, and more. For location and hours, please visit our Contact page.


Health Services has free condoms available throughout the Health Center on limited availability basis. If you do not see the condom jars, please ask a staff member where you can obtain free condoms.


The Counseling Center is students' primary resource for Counseling Services. Our Psychiatry Services (see Psychiatry in this next column) are available to supplement counseling services, or as needed.

Counseling 24/7 Hotline

If you (or a friend) are experiencing distress and need someone to talk with in the middle of the night or on the weekend, call the Counseling Center's main number (407.823.2811), press #5 and be immediately connected to a live therapist.

Dental Center

Go to Dental CenterLocated on the second floor of the Health Center, the UCF Dental Center is a state-of-the-art dental facility where quality and affordability are combined in a nurturing, soothing environment. While there are no free services in the Dental Center, UCF students receive a discounted price. A variety of services are available, including emergency visits, preventative, restorative and even some cosmetic services. Patients can pay out of pocket, or utilize their PPO type dental insurance plan. When an appointment is scheduled, the dental staff will confirm insurance coverage. Please call the Dental Center to make an appointment, 407.823.1635.

Diabetes Care

Go to Type 1Routine Diabetic care is dispensed by all primary care providers. UCF Health Services also hosts a Type 1 Diabetic program which provides a variety of special support and educational services. The group meets monthly and free dinner is provided! If you are interested in participating in the Type I program, please contact Mary Owens at 407.823.1489 or

Faculty and Staff Services

Faculty and Staff have access to many of the same health services as students. Many services at the UCF Health Center, Dental Center, Pharmacy, and Knight Aide are available for use by UCF Faculty and Staff.

Health Center
UCF Health Services is an AAAHC accredited, outpatient program providing prevention, primary care and select specialty services to the UCF community. Our providers participate in the AvMed, Aetna, Florida Blue and United Healthcare insurance networks, which includes all health insurance plans offered to UCF employees.

Dental Center
The UCF Dental Center is a state-of-the-art facility able to provide preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental services. The Dental Center accepts most PPO and Indemnity Dental Insurance Plans. Employees also have the option to pay out of pocket for dental charges.

UCF Pharmacy and Knight Aide
The UCF Pharmacy and Knight Aide are the on-campus resources for prescription medication, over-the-counter medications, convenience items, snacks, beauty aids and more. The Pharmacies accept most prescription insurance plans.

Flu Vaccinations

Go to Flu Each fall, starting in October, UCF Health Services offers students, faculty and staff flu shots. Visit our homepage at that time or call the Health Center for information.



Go to FreeMD This free, online program has been developed to provide direct, interactive medical advice to students. You simply enter your symptom(s) or condition(s) and the FreeMD responds by asking a series of questions. At the conclusion of this process, the user is provided with a possible diagnosis and advice regarding when and how to seek care (i.e. self-medicate, seek treatment by a doctor, or seek immediate emergency treatment).
This service offers around-the-clock medical advice, health and wellness education and is secure and confidential.

Health Center Parking

Go to Appointments The Health Center has 26 short-term parking spaces for patient use located in the C3 parking lot. UCF Parking Services heavily patrols the lot to ensure these designated spaces are only utilized by Health Center patients. Your vehicle must have both a valid UCF parking permit displayed, as well as a Health Center issued temporary dashboard pass to validate your authorized usage. When you check in for your appointment, you will obtain the dashboard pass. If your vehicle is parked in one of these spaces without both permits displayed, you will be ticketed.

Health Insurance

The UCF-endorsed health insurance offers optional coverage at a competitive price. This is to cover the student for those services not provided by the student health fee, such as emergency transport, hospitalization, referral to specialists, or the additional charges associated with lab work, x-rays, procedures and prescriptions. Students and/or their parents are encouraged to inquire about the currenGo to Insurancet plan benefits and costs by clicking here.

All students, taking at least six credit hours are able to enroll in the plan upon entry to UCF, at the beginning of each fall semester or when experiencing a qualifying life event (i.e. being dropped from a parent’s coverage).

For more information about our in-network insurance plans, please visit our Payment and Insurance page.

Help for Students with Injuries

Please see the office of Student Disability Services for some helpful tips when you have a temporary impairment (such as sprained ankle or broken wrist).

If needed, we are able to loan crutches to students and can assist students in applying for a Temporary Disability permit.

HIV Testing

Free HIV testing is available year-round at the Wellness and Health Promotions office. Please contact 407.823.2924 for more information. For special events regarding HIV or STD testing, please view the UCF calendar of events.

HPV Vaccine

Health Services administers the HPV vaccine to both men and women. If you already started the series (3 shots required), please have this updated on your vaccination record and bring it with you. Health Services participates in programs that can reduce the cost of the vaccine, or even make it free after rebates if your health insurance does not already cover the cost, or if you do not have insurance. Please inquire about the programs with your provider, or with a rep in our Insurance department.  

Hypertension and Prehypertension Program

Students with high blood pressure can participate in the free SNAP program to get their blood pressure back into a healthy range. The SNAP project offers dietary and fitness advice to support you in making the lifestyle changes to prevent or treat hypertension. Ask your provider for more info.


Go to Immunizations Documented proof of immunity to Measles (Rubeola) and German Measles (Rubella), and either proof of immunization against Meningitis and Hepatitis B, or a signed waiver declining either or both of these vaccines, is required for all UCF Students. The Health Center offers these and many other immunizations at affordable prices, or if you have insurance, the cost of these vaccines is usually covered at in-network providers All incoming students are required to submit the AdobeReader Immunization Form.

Job Shadowing

While we do not permit students to job shadow with our providers, we do host a "Career Day" each semester. We gather a wide array of our health providers (doctors, nurses, physician assistants and more) to address your career and education related questions. Please check our Events Calendar for the next scheduled Ask a Doc – Careers in Healthcare event.


Laboratory Testing

Students have the convenience of having their laboratory tests performed here at the Health Center. Most laboratory tests have a 20-minute turnaround time, so students rarely have to come back or wait for a phone call to get their results. There are small fees associated with laboratory testing.

Massage Therapy

Go to WHPS Massage services are available at the Wellness Center. See their website for more information.

Medical Records (Health Information Management)

Go to Medical Records (Health Information Management) Health Information Management (HIM) is responsible for storing and administering all requests concerning patient medical records. You may request a copy of your records be sent the a 3rd party for medical treatment, or request a copy for yourself for personal use. HIM is also responsible for all incoming records from other providers.

Over-the-Counter Medicines

Our Pharmacy stocks a variety of over-the-counter medications and first aid products. Additionally, we carry many other products that may be of use to you, including: vitamins, herbal supplements, beauty care products, cleaning and laundry supplies, beverages and snacks.

Patient Advocate

UCF Health Services strives to provide compassionate, accessible, affordable care to all patients. There is a Patient Advocate available to students and/or parents with concerns about their care. All concerns remain confidential and anonymous, unless you request otherwise.

Call 407.823.2701 and request to speak with the Patient Advocate.


Go to Pharmacy The UCF Pharmacy accepts prescriptions from UCF Health Center providers, as well as from any licensed practitioner in the United States. We will also be happy to transfer your prescriptions from another pharmacy – just provide us with their phone number, and we’ll do the work. Or, simply bring in your empty bottle. An added benefit of the UCF Pharmacy is that discounts are offered on some of the most common prescriptions. Please inquire about our low prices. Our pharmacy has a wide array of prescription medications available for students. If you have a prescription for a medication we do not normally carry, we will be more than happy to special order it for you.

Transferring prescriptions from other pharmacies may be done via the telephone or via our website. Patients should have available the name and telephone number of the current pharmacy and the prescription number for the medication when they call.

The Pharmacy accepts almost all prescription insurance plans. Currently, we are accepting over 200 plans. For more information on Prescriptions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Refill by Phone
If you have already received your prescriptions from the UCF Pharmacy, you can use our 24 hour refill by phone option by calling 407.UCF.MEDS (823.6337) and following the prompts. During business hours, prescriptions can be picked up within 2 hours.

Online Refills
Health Center Pharmacy Internet Prescription Refills
Knight Aide Pharmacy Internet Prescription Refills
Prescription Transfers

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy services are available at the Health Center. A referral from a doctor is required to use these services. Referrals can come from either the medical providers at the Health Center, or outside providers. You must be a UCF student, faculty or staff to use these services. Most insurance plans are accepted and discounted self-pay rates are available. Florida Hospital Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation is the provider of this service. Please call 407-303-6610 to schedule an appointment.

Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy testing is available in the Women's Clinic, nominal charges may apply. To make an appointment, call 407.823.3850.

Primary Care

Students pay a state-mandated health fee each semester. The health fee entitles students to unlimited visits without an office charge. Our providers include: Board Certified Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses.

While there is never an office charge to see a provider, there are nominal charges for procedures (i.e. suturing), laboratory tests, x-rays and medications.


Psychiatrists are available to students on a limited basis for short-term individual counseling, crisis intervention, medication evaluation and monitoring, and referrals to off-campus resources, if necessary. There is a $25 fee per visit.

Recent Graduates

Recent graduates may use the Health Center the semmester immediately following graduate if a one-time $110 visitor fee is paid. Paying this fee gives recent graduates the same level of access available to current students.


The University of Central Florida Health Center provides treatment from primary care physicians, physician assistants, and nurses. In order to coordinate care beyond the scope of their specialty, physicians or clinical staff may issue a referral for a patient to seek further care with a specialist. The Referral provides assistance with coordinating care through the patient’s medical insurance, and consults patients without insurance coverage. The Referral Office is open 9:30am to 6:00pm and is located on the first floor of the Health Center, Room 103, next to the Insurance desk.

Areas of specialty commonly referred out include (but are not limited to):

Cardiology, Oral Surgery, Dermatology, Durable Medical Equipment, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Optometry, Orthopedics, Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, Throat), Physical Therapy, Podiatry, Radiology, and Urology.

Rosen Campus

Students at the Rosen campus have access to on-campus medical care. For more information about the clinic, please visit their website.

Services for Students not Currently Enrolled

Students who are not currently enrolled in classes at UCF may use Health Services provided they were either enrolled in classes during the semester immediately prior to the current semester or a student who graduated during the previous semester. The student will be allowed access to Health Services by paying an "Off Semester Visitors' Fee" of $110 for unlimited visits during the semester in which the fee is paid. The student may use the Dental Center, Pharmacy and fill prescriptions without paying the "Off Semester Visitors' Fee."

Sleep Workshop

Go to YouTube - Sleep Workshop VideoHealth Services hosts a sleep workshop where we educate students about tips on how to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake well rested. Please check our Event Calendar for the next scheduled session. Students may also request a consult with a provider at any time to discuss sleep issues by scheduling an appointment.

STD Testing

Health Services offers a variety of different programs and referrals that can help assist with payment of STD tests, or even make them free. Please consult with a medical provider to determine what programs are available to you. Also, view the UCF calendar of events to see if any special screening events are scheduled.

Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

Go to SHAC SHAC stands for Student Health Advisory Committee. This registered student organization assists UCF Health Services with public health awareness issues and serves as student health advocates.

To join, register online and pay the $20 annual dues. For questions, please email the SHAC president at

Sports Medicine

There are two fulltime Sports Medicine physicians available at UCF Health Services to all UCF students and athletes.  Our focus is to prevent and treat sports or exercise related injuries. Services include: in-office evaluation of acute and chronic MS injuries, on-site radiology services, use of optimal CT and MRI imaging as needed, optimal non-operative treatment, expedited orthopedic referrals if needed, concussion management, optimal management of athletes with acute illness, medical management of athletes with chronic illnesses,  joint and other MS injections as appropriate, ultrasound guided injections of deeper structures, and injury prevention evaluation.

Spousal Care

The spouse or domestic partner of a fee-paying student who meets specified criteria is eligible to pay the $125 "Spouse/Domestic Partner Semester Health Fee" and be seen at UCF Health Services. In order for the spouse/domestic partner of a student to be seen by Health Services, the following requirements need to be fulfilled:

  • The student must be a current UCF student and enrolled in classes.
  • Must show "proof of marriage" or "proof of domestic partnership" in the form of a marriage certificate, driver’s license listing a common address, joint bank accounts or credit accounts, common ownership of real estate property such as a joint deed or mortgage agreement, common leasehold interest in property, or common ownership of a motor vehicle.
  • Proof of Medical Insurance Coverage (i.e. copy of insurance card).
  • Full payment of the semester health fee, $125 which is renewable each semester, providing the eligible student maintains student status at UCF and proof of medical insurance coverage is provided.

The spouse or domestic partner of the student is entitles to the same benefits and obligations of UCF Health Services as the eligible student.

Enrollment is preferred at the beginning of each semester. If you choose to wait after the semester has started, the same $125 will be required, and the fee will NOT be prorated at any point during the semester. To enroll, visit the Business Office on the first floor of the Health Center.

Pregnancy services (pre-natal, peri-natal, post-natal) are not provided through UCF Health Services. Child dependents are not eligible to participate in this plan and are not eligible for services through UCF Health Services.

Travel Clinic

Available for students traveling or studying abroad, our Travel Clinic will provide you with the latest information from the Centers for Disease Control. The Travel Clinic Counselor will provide you with counseling on: tips for a safe and healthy trip; recommended and required vaccinations; risks associated with diseases and epidemics; food, water and health precautions; and what to include in a travel kit.

Schedule your appointment 6-8 weeks prior to your departure.



See Immunizations.

Women's Clinic

Go to Women's Clinic The Women's Clinic is devoted to providing a warm and sensitive environment for gynecological care. As such, the clinic is staffed by all female providers. There is no charge for an office visit or examination, but certain procedures and laboratory tests (i.e. pap smear), do require relatively small fees.

The Women's Clinic provides a wide array of services, including: routine gynecologic exams, contraceptive counseling, testing for sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy testing and counseling, lifestyle education and counseling, and management of certain gynecologic conditions. Make an appointment by calling 407.823.3850.


Students have the convenience of having their x-rays taken here at the Health Center. Because we use the latest all-digital technology, most x-rays have an initial-read 20-minute turnaround time, so students rarely have to come back or wait for a phone call to be diagnosed. All x-rays are sent to a consultant radiologist for confirmation of diagnoses. Fees vary based on x-rays performed.